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H&H 5000

H&H5000 är en manuell undertrycksmaskin. För bildande av undertryck och dammbekämpning vid lägenhetssanering < 300 m² (750 m³), luftväxling sker ca 6 x / h. 

H&H 5000 är en undertrycksmaskin som uppfyller alla krav som kan ställas på en undertrycksmaskin, och den kan även användas tillsammans med den automatiska 5000S1 IoT på stora byggplatser för att producera undertryck.

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  • Continuously adjustable level of negative pressure – the negative pressure level of the device can be adjusted to the desired level, thus preventing excessive negative pressure, and minimizing the consumption of energy and the production of noise
  • Monitoring the condition of the filters – the orange warning light is lit when approximately 10% of filter capacity remains – the red warning light is lit when filter capacity is fully spent
  • Digital display shows the negative pressure difference between the working area and the reference room– No need for separate negative pressure gauge
  • Digital display shows the used energy (kWh)– Control of the used energy and possible invoicing accordingly is easy
  • Digital display shows the time of usage (h)-Conrolling the lifetime of filters and keeping the service log is easy
  • Easy and effortless operation – switch the device on, adjust the level of negative pressure with the adjustment wheel, and monitor the condition of the filters with the warning lights
  • Multifunctional negative pressure unit – suitable for use as an air filtration device as is, can be placed inside or outside the renovated area. If placed outside the renovated area, the space can be depressurized using suction connector assemblies and hoses. Combine with a mixing flange to use as a mixing station to collect mixing dust.
  • Using the negative pressure unit on sites containing asbestos or PAHs – an upgrade package for the H&H 5000 device is sold separately. The package comprises an H14 filter, DOP leakage testing, sealing for the device, and a unique certificate. This ensures the airtightness of the device and its compliance with the requirements of the Regional State Administrative Agencies for one year.

Included equipment

  • Filters 1 of each type, G4 pre-filtration mat, G4 coarse filter, H13 micro filter
  • User manual in Finnish and Swedish

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Technical specifications

Depth x Width x Height, mm 610 x 680 x 820
Weight with G4+G4+H13 filters/without filters 35 kg / 44 kg
Air volume without filters, approx. 4970 m³/h¹/0 Pa
Air volume, new G4+G4+H13, approx. 4375 m³/h¹/400 Pa
Air volume, dirty 90% used, orange warning light lit, approx. 3210 m³/h¹/875 Pa
Air volume, 100% used filters, red light lit, approx. 2990 m³/h¹/950 Pa
Dirt holding capacity of filters, approx. 750 Pa¹ (400>1150)
Pre-programmed negative pressure levels, only 5000S1 3 Pa, 6 Pa, 11 Pa
Ventilator motor EC, ERP 2015 compliant 1,35 kW, 4,8-6,7 A
Supply current 230 V AC,50/60Hz
Adjustable RPM range, approx. 300-2920/min

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