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H&H 800s

H&H800s is a manual multifunctional air filtration device. H&H800s is an 800-model equipped with a display and an integrated digital precision pressure gauge, energy consumption gauge, and operating hours gauge.

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  • Adjust the negative pressure to the desired level with the adjustment wheel – no additional equipment is needed as the level of negative pressure is shown on screen
  • Monitor the consumption of energy – consumption of energy (kWh) is shown on the digital display
  • Monitor the operating hours – the operating hours of the device and the filters (h) are shown on the digital display

Included equipment

  • Filters 1 of each type, G3 pre-filtration mat, G4 coarse filter, H13 micro filter
  • Compact accordion hose Ø125 mm / 5 m, suction connection assembly Ø 125 mm
  • 5.0 m reference hose for measuring the negative pressure
  • User manual in Finnish and Swedish

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Technical specifications

Depth x Width x Height 390 x 390 x 508 mm
Weight, with G3+G4+H13 filters/without filters  11,0 kg / 7,2 kg
Air volume without filters, approx. 1000 m3/h¹
Air volume with new filters, approx. 720 m3/h¹ (G3+G4+H13L)
Air volume on MAX setting while the green light is lit 580-720 m3/h¹
Air volume with dirty filters while the red warning light is lit ≤580 m3/h¹
Dirt holding capacity of filters, approx. 320 Pa
Ventilator motor, Ziehl-Abegg 0,17 kW, 1,7 – 1,45 A
Supply current 230 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Adjustable RPM range, approx. 0-3930/min
Display 690 and 800
Warning LED for the filters
Display 800s, same as in 800 plus the following:
Pressure (± Pa), Energy (kWh), Operating hours (h)

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