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At demolition sites where contaminants have been detected, the Regional State Administrative Agency (AVI) requires leak measurement of air handling equipment such as negative pressure units and vacuum cleaners. The degree of separation of the air handling units must then be at least in accordance with EN 1822: 2009. The degree of separation of the air handling unit is measured by the DOP test, in which the filtration capacity of the unit, measured by the MPPS¹ method, must be at least 99.95% for 0.3 μm particles. The leakage must therefore not exceed the level of 0.05%.

H&H Tuonti Oy only tests its own H&H air purifiers or the FLEX vacuum cleaners we import. When the device passes the test, we will write a certificate that is valid for one year from the date of the test or until the HEPA filter is replaced again.

H&H Tuonti Oy is constantly developing the air purifiers it manufactures

The development work consists of many components and our goal is for all our air purifiers to be the best in operation and use on the market. We are constantly bringing in new solutions that promote ease of use and work, features that are not yet found in machines from other manufacturers. Such features include:

  • Automatic vacuum control and various alarms for mobile phones
  • Logger integration into the air purifier
  • Battery backup to confirm alarms
  • Digital display of vacuum, energy and operating hours

We continuously measure the impact of different structures and filters on air cleaner performance. At the same time, we get reliable information about the operation of our equipment in different construction site conditions. Continuous product development work is essential and its results are visible in the domestic market and also in exports. H&H air purifiers are already being exported all over Europe. Our next target countries are the USA and Australia, for which we are planning the necessary product changes.

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