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H&H2500s manual construction air cleaner. For negative pressure- and dust control in apartment renovations <160 m² (400 m³), the air change is then approx. 6 x / h

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  • Continuously adjustable level of negative pressure – the negative pressure level of the device can be adjusted to the desired level, thus preventing excessive negative pressure, and minimizing the consumption of energy and the production of noise
  • Monitoring the condition of the filters – the orange warning light is lit when approximately 10% of filter capacity remains – the red warning light is lit when filter capacity is fully spent
  • Integrated outlet – Another device can be powered from the vacuum cleaner outlet
    The device can measure and display the pressure difference (Pa) between working and other spaces – no separate differential pressure gauge required
  • Digital metering of energy used (kWh) and operating hours (h) – Easy monitoring of energy consumption and possible billing. Likewise, monitoring of filter operating hours.
  • Use as an air purifier – In addition to dust, Hepa 14 also effectively filters viruses and bacteria. The exhaust connection can be changed on top of the device, in which case the device blows the filtered air upwards. A second blow-out connection is available as an option, which allows blow-out from two d315mm connectors. In this case, the air flow rate and the feeling of traction are reduced.
  • The device can be used as a mixing station – For example, a mixing collar is available as an accessory for collecting leveling and mortar mixing dust.
  • Operation is very easy and effortless – starting the machine from the switch, monitoring and adjusting the correct vacuum level from the adjusting wheel and checking the condition of the filters with the help of alarm lights
  • Use of a vacuum cleaner on construction sites containing asbestos or PAHs – H&H 2500s with H14 filter can be tested for DOP leakage. The test includes the sealing of the Hepa filter and an individualized certificate. The test guarantees the tightness of the device and the compliance of the AVI for the year ahead.


Included epuipment

  • Filters 1 each, G4 pre-filter mat, G4 coarse filter, H14 microfilter, 5 m vacuum reference hose
  • Instructions for use Finland and Sweden

User Manual

Technical specifications

Depth x Width x Height, mm 620 x 460 x 820
Weight without G4+G4+H14 filters/with filters 26 / 32 kg
Air volume without filters, approx. 3500 m³/h¹/0 Pa
Air volume clean filters, one exhaust in use, approx 2350 m³/h¹/400 Pa
Air volume clean filters, both blowers in use, approx 2500 m³/h¹/875 Pa
Operating voltage 230 V AC, 50/60Hz
Fan, EC, ERP 2015 compliant 0,75 kW
Adjustable speed range, approx 0-3450 1/min

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